Popular Day Trips from Sydney, Australia

April 04, 2021 by

Australia has gained a reputation among millions of tourists as one of a charming and peaceful holiday destination. Although Australia is quite far away from many countries, travel agents, hotels, and transportation companies lighten the burden by supporting travellers as much as possible. Sydney has become a fan favourite thanks to its abundance of wonderful natural artefacts, and their ease of access. The surrounding area has some of the best day trips from Sydney. These short trips from Sydney can be covered within only a few hours if you choose to visit this gorgeous country down under.
Blue Mountains day trip from Sydney
The large rugged valley called "The Blue Mountains" is a combination of natural resources and man-made attractions such as lush forests, cave paintings, picturesque waterfalls, and hiking trails. Day trips to the blue mountains from Sydney can be done through a few methods. If you go by car, it takes about 1.5 hours via the M1 motorway. Alternatively, you can take the new City West Link, starting from Wattle street. This significantly reduces the time to reach the Blue Mountains.
Serenity in the mountains
As one of several fantastic weekend trips from Sydney, the Blue Mountains has mesmerising views, including the Three Sisters rock formation. Alongside its scenic beauty, this area also hosts native birds such as kookaburras. In summer, the birds strike up a harmonious chatter, making this one of several good weekend getaways from Sydney.
Charming Hunter Gardens and orchards
The Hunter Gardens are a charming and picturesque place for a stroll. If you want to take the sightseeing further on your Hunter Valley day tour from Sydney, you can even enjoy a balloon ride over the valley. Port Stephens short trips from Sydney
Port Stephens is an ideal destination for any aspiring explorer who wants an adventurous beach holiday. One of several short day trips from Sydney, this region is full of exciting and fun activities.
Dolphin watching
Enjoy a photogenic dolphin adventure amid the endless tides. There are three cruise options for dolphin watching. I recommend giving it a go if you've never done it before. Dolphin watching is a beautiful and mesmerising experience.